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Threat Prioritization

Leverage the relational graph structure to identify highest priority risks and interesting entities for investigation

Investigation Acceleration

Use machine learning algorithms to accelerate common investigation workflows, such as automatically identifying the alerts and anomalies related to an entity

Anomaly Detection

Use state-of-the-art anomaly detection techniques to automatically highlight risks, including rare events, new events, and statistical and temporal anomalies





Why Sift Security

Sift Security


Sift Security's relationship graph structure naturally correlates the data and provides the foundation for our analystics and visualizations

Sift Security


Machine learning and graph algorithms significantly accelerate investigations, (a) prioritizing the risky clusters of events and (b) identifying unknown threats typically missed by signatures

Sift Security


Our relationship centric approach aligns with the natural approach to conducting investigations, enabling existing analysts to be more efficient and lowering the bar of entry for new team members
Customer Testimonials
Sift Security reduces time to investigate from weeks to hours or even minutes
Ken Silva, VP Operations with experience at Ionic, NSA, VeriSign, and Booz Allen Hamilton
Sift Security’s graph visualization and workflow is really innovative – it is intuitive, powerful, and most importantly, enables my team to be significantly more productive.
Chief Security Officer, with experience at Symphony Communications, Apple, and VeriSign
Sift Security is the first analytical tool that will actually bring value to an organization, allowing them to find that needle in the security haystack of noise.
Larry Whiteside Jr., Former CISO in Healthcare and Energy
I get plenty of alerts, but without context they aren't very useful. So there was a spike in traffic on this host. What process caused it? Which user was responsible? I have to go into the logs and find out myself. With Sift Security, I can get the context I need quickly and figure out what really caused the problem.
Allen Spiegler, CIO, Los Angeles LGBT Center
Sift Security is hardware independent which is very important to us - a key value proposition. We are scaling horizontally at a massive rate, and we need to utilize our existing investments in our current commodity hardware infrastructure and datacenter.
Jason Close, Security Engineer, Large Public University
What really stands out is the flexibility to support so many data sources, such as network, host, application and context.
Sr. Security Architect, Leader in Internet Media

Sift Security
MENLO PARK, California, February 15, 2017 -- Sift Security announced today the release of CloudHunter, a next-generation Security Operations Platform, tailored for monitoring and investigating Amazon Web Services infrastructures...
Sift Security
Using big data to fight security threats sounds like a good idea, but in reality it can create more problems than it solves. Systems that use analytics to combat cyber attacks can be difficult to deploy and require experts who are in short supply to analyze the data streams produced by the systems and to find patterns in them...
Sift Security
Sift Security is leveraging big data and advanced analytics to help security teams get more with less. The company recently announced a $3.26 Million funding round. Below is our interview with Neil King, Co-founder & CEO at Sift Security...
Sift Security
There's a powerful new generation of security tools coming to market designed to help security operations (SecOps) teams find and react to threats much quicker than before. The best of these tools also enable security analysts to proactively hunt for threats that might be present in their enterprise environment...
Sift Security
MENLO PARK, Calif., July 20, 2016 -- Sift Security exited stealth today, announcing a next-generation cybersecurity threat hunting and incident response platform. Sift Security is backed by a $3.25 million round of angel investment...
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