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The Sift Security Story

Sift Security was formed because commercial products were not available to facilitate efficient discovery and investigation of security threats on large data sets. Colin Estep, our CSO, was previously an Incident Responder at Apple and Netflix. Colin spent a lot of his time proactively hunting for threats using solutions that didn’t meet his needs. He became frustrated with cumbersome solutions that lack intelligence and are challenging to scale. Similar to the experiences we hear from analysts in similar roles at other large enterprises, Colin was looking for a solution that made his job significantly easier, faster, and more enjoyable. We started Sift Security to create the product that meets the needs of folks like Colin.

At Sift Security, we are passionate about improving the lives of enterprise security professionals by providing them with tools that make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. The name Sift Security reflects our vision of enabling security professionals to greatly accelerate the process of discovering and investigating the most important security events, while minimizing time spent wading through big data and a sea of false positives.