Sift Security

Sift Security CloudHunter improves your AWS monitoring, alerting, and investigations with and advanced visualizations of your cloud risk and anomaly detection

Sift Security

CloudHunter can:

  • Prioritize and visualize risk relationships
  • Accelerate investigations by 10x with advanced machine-learning techniques
  • Optimize workflow with playbook and integration APIs
  • Implement critical CIS security controls in your AWS environment

CloudHunter helps you deal with the complexity, loss of visibility, and rapid changes in your AWS environment.

Cloud Challenges

The business requirements for migrating applications and infrastructure to the cloud have also brought challenges to the IT and security departments in trying to minimize the risk to the business from breaches, data loss, and downtime.

  • Complexity

    Cloud infrastructure has grown increasingly complex with 100s of different cloud services and thousands of APIs, making it extremely difficult for Security and Dev Ops to ensure the availability and security of the application infrastructure.

  • Loss of Control and Visibility

    At the same time, dependencies on the cloud provider have decreased customers' control and visibility of how security and IT practices are implemented, making it too easy to misconfigure the security, networking, or application behavior.

  • Automation

    Automation and APIs makes for a very easy-to-scale infrastructure but also makes it easy for a simple mistake to have a wide-ranging impact such as shutting down all application instances in a worldwide cloud with the running of a single script.

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