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Security Operations Platform

Accelerated Threat Discovery and Investigation

The average number of days to detect data breaches.
Mandiant, 2015 Threat Report

Sift helps your Security Operations Teams do their jobs faster and easier, with new unique intelligence, so they can focus on mitigating the real threats in your environment:

Security Operations can prioritize alerts and easily perfom initial investigations.
Incident Response teams can greatly accelerate complex investigations.
Threat Hunters can proactively identify unknown threats.
"Sift Security reduces time to investigate from weeks to minutes."

 -- VP Infrastructure & Operations, Ionic Security.

The Sift Security Solution

The Sift Security Advantage

  • Understand Complex Threats

    The intuitive, relationship-centric approach is optimal for discovering and investigating complex threats.
  • Find Unknown Unknowns

    Cutting-edge anomaly detection algorithms work out-of-the-box and at scale, operating on “dirty” data, in order to find the unknown threats on the network.
  • Prioritize Risk

    Proprietary graph algorithms connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events, reducing alert fatigue.
  • Learning System

    A natural feedback loop collects data from investigations to continuously improve threat detection and prioritization.
“With Sift Security, I can get the context I need quickly and figure out what really caused the problem.”

— CIO, LA LGBT Center

“Sift Security’s graph visualization and workflow is intuitive, powerful, and enables my team to be significantly more productive.”

— Chief Security Officer