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Why Graphs Are Great For Security

Investigating a security risk can involve wrangling dozens of data sources. To uncover a successful phishing attack, you might have to integrate email records, process executions, user behavior, file access, netflow, antivirus alerts, etc. Gathering and correlating those logs is slow and cumbersome, making it difficult to follow the attack chain.

Sift Security's product extracts the most important information from disparate data sources into one straightforward, scalable system: a relational graph. Using the graph makes investigations faster, easier, and more intuitive. The graph also provides context to our machine learning platform, enabling it to discover and prioritize relevant anomalous activity.

Why Graphs Are Great For Security

Sift Security's relational graph is a data structure with two parts:

  • Vertices representing entities (like the user account Robert or host
  • Edges representing relationships (like my successful logon attempt)

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