Sift Security Splunk Integration

Sift Security continues to provide key integrations with industry-leading 3rd parties like Splunk. We’ve encountered many customers who use Splunk, but are also excited about the advantages of Sift Security’s unique graph analytics and visualization capabilities. To that end, Sift Security has provided an easy and efficient way to integrate Sift Security with their existing Splunk environment.

Sift Security Splunk Integration

Integration highlights include:

  • Sift Security’s Graph Data Model leverages Splunk’s Common Information Model

  • Splunk customers can set up recurring (real-time) queries

  • From the Sift Security graph canvas, pull additional data from Splunk on demand

Check out our Sift Security / Splunk Integration user guide and demonstration video, and learn more about how Splunk customers can benefit from using Sift Security:

More details on installation and user guides are also available to our customers upon request (

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