Sift Security Announces Cloud Hunter

Faster and Easier AWS Monitoring and Investigating

Advanced relational graphs, machine learning, anomaly detection of AWS infrastructure

MENLO PARK, California, February 15, 2017 -- Sift Security  announced today the release of Cloud Hunter, a next-generation Security Operations Platform, tailored for monitoring and investigating Amazon Web Services infrastructures.

As more business-critical applications have been deployed to the cloud, IT and security departments have been faced with increased complexity and loss of control and visibility due to the high degree of automation, dynamic change, and large number of cloud services involved.

“The largest cloud customers in the world are struggling with understanding all the elastic instances, routing paths, virtual private clouds and gateways, and myriad of storage and Internet services in their cloud application environment,” says Colin Estep, Sift Security’s CSO. “This causes longer troubleshooting times and more downtime for these organizations’ end-users, end-customers, and business partners. The ease-of-scaling and elasticity of the cloud is a double-edged sword--it provides agility but also increases the difficulty in keeping cloud business services running smoothly. It’s still new, rapidly changing, and just too complex.”

Cloud Hunter captures and visualizes in real-time all of the unique relationships of the AWS environment, including: EC2 instances, ELBs, DNS, S3, RDS, and other storage services, as well as user and application behavior, and bringing these services and their relationships into one unified view. By applying unique machine-learning and anomaly-detection algorithms to the cloud relational graph, Cloud Hunter quantifies clusters of risk, prioritizes and filters alerts. This helps the Security Operations analysts and investigators focus on the true risk in the environment, helping find new threats before they impact the business application.

“The power of Sift’s relational graph, its advanced visualizations, and the unsupervised machine-learning and anomaly detection algorithms, is really brought out by the complexity of today’s cloud infrastructures,” says Neil King, CEO of Sift Security. “Our customers are accelerating the time to understand, analyze, investigate, and resolve issues by an order of magnitude. When faced with security incidents, performance issues, and customer downtime, these saved hours and days are invaluable to our customers in ensuring that their business application is running again as quickly as possible.”

Cloud Hunter works seamlessly within the customer’s cloud infrastructure environment, whether they have AWS, Azure, or other providers. Cloud Hunter also provides a seamless view of hybrid environments that include both on-premise and cloud infrastructure and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Cloud Hunter APIs allow easy integration into the customer’s environment, with over 30 data sources supported today, allowing flexible ingestion of new data, enrichment and real-time attributes, and automatic mitigation and workflow actions.

Cloud Hunter’s relational graph, machine-learning, and advanced visualizations assist customers in keeping their cloud infrastructures safe and available, helping:

Email to get in touch with the security experts at Sift Security about a test installation, or visit for more information.  Sift Security is based in Menlo Park, California.


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