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Monitor up toLimit data toMonthly PriceAnnual Price
50 instances2.5 GB / Day$499$4,999
100 instances5.0 GB / Day$999$9,999
200 instances10.0 GB / Day$1,499$14,999
300 instances15.0 GB / Day$1,999$19,999
500 instances25.0 GB / Day$2,999$29,999
>500 instances>25.0 GB / DayGet a quote
Managed ServiceGet a quote
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes all supported data sources
  • Include 90 days storage, more can be added
  • Rules-based detection
  • Anomaly detection & graph algorithms
  • Graph canvas & visualization
  • Search
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Customizable integration & automation APIs
  • Includes support
  • Managed and co-managed services available
  • Also available as an AMI, contact us for details

* Notes:

  • Discounts available for annual and multi-year contracts.
  • Assessment limited to 200 hosts and 10 GB per Day.
  • Sift Security is priced according to how many instances are monitored and by much data you send into Sift Security in a day. Instances are defined by compute instances (e.g. EC2 instances in AWS). GB / Day is based on the indexed volume per day, averaged over each month. A customer is over the limit only if the average GB/Day over the course of the month exceeds their current Tier. Usage is tracked in a dashboard.
  • If Customer goes over the limit, they will be charged at the higher rate for that month. For annual contracts, Sift will extend the contract 12 months based on the new tier, and credit the customer for the remainder of the current contract.
  • Standard support for paying customers also includes 12 x 5 support via email and phone.
  • Supported data sources can be found here.
  • All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars for the North America region. International prices vary.