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Pricing Summary

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Simple, all you can eat pricing for large enterprises

Get next generation functionality out of your SIEM. Sift Security offers a simple, cost effective pricing model for large enterprise deployments. Bring your own SIEM, or start with Sift Security’s free package.

Basic SIEMEnhanced Response PackageAnalytics PackageAutomation PackageManaged Service
(per employee per month)
FREEGet a quoteGet a quoteGet a quoteGet a quote
– Unlimited data and users *    
– Support for many data sources     
– Search     
– Detection Rules     
– Dashboards & Reports     
– Library of rules & dashboardsTrial    
– Graph database, correlation, visualizationTrial    
– Anomaly detection & machine learningTrialTrial Trial 
– Graph clustering algorithmsTrialTrial Trial 
– Orchestration & AutomationTrialTrialTrial  
– Support packageCommunity-based only    
– Monitoring 

* Notes:

  • Annual contract. Discounts available for multi year contracts.
  • Free tier available as an Amazon Machine Image, limited to a single instance (not available in clusters).
  • Listed pricing is only for the software and excludes infrastructure.
  • If Sift Security provides, monitors & manages the infrastructure, Sift passes through AWS costs plus a surcharge.
  • Community support includes 24 x 7 support via,, knowledge base, community. Standard support for paying customers also includes 12 x 5 support via email and phone.
  • Sift can work with you to estimate the infrastructure needed for your specific use case.
  • Data sources can be found here.
  • Managed service options are fully collaborative, the customer has fully access to the same tools as the service provider enabling seamless collaboration. Sift Security experts can offer auxiliary monitoring to complement your team and / or has partners that offer 24 x 7 monitoring.