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TiersPrice per HourAnnual Price
r4.xlarge$2 per hour$11,999
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Sift Security can also manage the infrastructure. Contact Sift Security for SaaS pricing.
  • Unlimited users
  • Includes all supported data sources
  • Include 90 days storage, more can be added
  • Rules-based detection
  • Anomaly detection & graph algorithms
  • Graph canvas & visualization
  • Search
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Customizable API integrations & automation
  • Includes support
  • Managed and co-managed services available

* Notes:

  • Discounts available for annual or multi year contracts.
  • Sift Security is priced according to the size and number of instances on which you install Sift Security software.
  • Sift Security recommends not to exceed the following limits per instance.
    - r4 xlarge - recommended to support up to 12 GB a day and up to 1 TB of "hot" storage
    - r4 2xlarge - recommended to support up to 25 GB a day and up to 2 TB of "hot" storage
    - r4 4xlarge - recommended to support up to 50 GB a day and up to 5 TB of "hot" storage
    - r4 8xlarge - recommended to support up to 100 GB a day and up to 10 TB of "hot" storage
  • If a customer exceeds the sizing recommendations, performance will be degraded. Also, sizing recommendations are based on Sift testing, but results can vary based on the data types and usage.
  • Listed pricing is only for the software and excludes infrastructure.
  • Sift can work with you to estimate the infrastructure needed for your specific use case.
  • Standard support for paying customers also includes 12 x 5 support via email and phone.
  • Supported data sources can be found here, but AMI does not include support for public cloud.
  • All amounts are shown in U.S. dollars for the North America region. International prices vary.