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Sift Security Next Generation SIEM

Big Data, Security Analytics, Visualization, Automation

Sift Security

Alert Management

Analysts can quickly review and respond to prioritized alerts from 3rd parties, rules, and Sift Security machine learning, all mapped to the kill chain.

Threat Hunting

Hunters get high quality starting points, provided by Sift Security's proprietary graph clustering algorithms which identify potential attack chains.

Incident Response

Responders can rapidly investigate events and seamlessly take action to stop attacks.

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Rapidly investigate, collaborate, and share investigations

Sift Security
Detection rules
Built-in and user-defined rules help detect known bad
Machine Learning Detection
Reduces the burden of managing detection rules and identify unknown threats
Prioritization and Integration
Graph clustering algorithms identify connected attack chains, risky entities
Feedback Loop
Algorithms improve based on input from investigations
Intuitive, flexible graph canvas
Investigators can easily interact with all their data, pivoting across data sources
Context rich visualization of attack chains
See patterns in your data to see how threats relate to each other to create a sophisticated attack
Integrated analytics
Relationships and risks are surfaced helping guide responders to quickly complete investigations
Seamless collaboration and workflow
Collaborate across the organization on investigations, and connect to other vendors to take action such as isolate a host or block an IP
Sift Security

Who Benefits from Sift Security? And How?

Sift Security SOC Analyst
Alert Management
- Simplify alert management
- Take investigations further
Sift Security IR Analyst
Incident Response
- Fewer, better validated incidents
- Accelerated investigations
Sift Security Threat Hunter
Threat Hunting
- High quality starting points
- Visualize patterns to spot threats
Sift Security CISO
Executive Management
- Happier and more productive team
- Consolidate infrastructure
Sift Security

Sift Security has deep expertise in core, differentiating technologies

Sift Security

Scalable graph-centric data analytics platform

It is easy to dump large volumes of data in Hadoop or an index, but getting value out of the data can be challenging. Graph databases offer many advantages, but can be difficult to scale. Sift Security take away the complexity and maps data into a graph data structure in a way that applies security context, enables workflow, and supports massive scale.

Sift Security

Machine learning and graph algorithms

It is easy to develop lots of narrow, rigid detection use cases, but security teams don’t have time to set up and maintain these rules. Sift Security is productizing machine learning in a way that allows users to easily apply algorithms that effectively address security use cases and work at large scale.

Sift Security

Advanced visualization, automation & orchestration

It is easy to make pretty graphs with simple data, but it is hard to create intuitive workflow, automation, and collaboration that truly simplifies and speeds up security operations and incident response. Sift Security was built from scratch with a graph first approach to investigations and offers simple and effective visualization and workflow.