Sift Security

Sift Security Data Science Whitepaper

Sift Security Data Science Whitepaper

External threats range from determined hackers trying to penetrate your company to botnets scanning for unpatched devices. There is always a risk of an insider threat, a disgruntled employee who takes your intellectual property with her when she quits. As more types of users have legitimate access to a network, from ordinary employees to contractors to customers, it becomes harder to detect illegitimate access. When a successful attack exposes customer data, proprietary content, company strategy, or intellectual property, the cost can be immense. Companies often spend millions of dollars trying to remedy the problem and sometimes fold entirely. A successful security strategy is one that prevents minor security incidents from becoming major security breaches.

The first step in a security strategy is to monitor the many entities in your enterprise install antivirus software on your end hosts, put up a firewall on your network, establish policies that prohibit risky behavior. But the streams of alerts from these products combine to cause an unmanageable flood, resulting in alert fatigue. Protections based on signatures and rules also have trouble with unforeseen attacks, the unknown unknowns.

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