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Use Cases

Sift Security Solutions

Sift Security's scalable graph analytics platform enables many security use cases to enable organizations to get more out of their security and cloud operations, incident response, and threat hunting teams.

Sift Security can be deployed standalone or integrated with your existing SIEM platform.

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Sift Security

With Sift Security, you can more easily stay in compliance with best practices, as well as quickly detect and respond to risks. Sift Security uniquely leverages graph analytics & machine learning to supercharge your operations teams. Sift Security offer protection across multiple dimensions: Network Security, IAM Protection, and Compliance.

  • Detect known threats via customizable rules engine
  • Detect unknown threat through machine learning algorithms
  • Prioritize threats using alert anomalies and risk clustering
  • Visualize your AWS environment with graph navigation
  • Out of the box and customizable dashboards and reports
  • Collaborate with colleagues on investigations
  • Monitor compliance with AWS security best practices
  • Integrate with AWS and 3rd party software to take manual & automated action

Alert Prioritization

Sift Security

Security teams at many organizations generate more alerts than they can effectively handle. Their firewalls are too chatty. Their antivirus solution generates the same alerts all the time. Their threat intel feeds generate too many false positives. Going through them and manually whitelisting things is too much work – a system that automatically identifies the important alerts is desired.

  • Sift Security consolidates 3rd party alerts, rules, and anomaly detection
  • Feedback such as whitelisting and previous alert resolution is considered
  • Sift Security's patent pending algorithms identify clusters of risk that are more likely to represent serious threats
  • Results can be quickly investigated via Sift Security, and/or fed to your existing SIEM

Incident Investigation & Response

Sift Security

Investigating a security incident can involve wrangling dozens of data sources. To uncover a successful phishing attack, you might have to integrate email records, process executions, user behavior, file access, netflow, antivirus alerts, etc. Gathering and correlating those logs is slow and cumbersome, making it difficult to follow the attack chain. Sift Security's product extracts the most important information from disparate data sources into one straightforward, scalable system: a relational graph. Using the graph makes investigations faster, easier, and more intuitive.

  • Data is naturally correlated across multiple data sources
  • Intuitive data exploration that avoid complex join operations
  • Fast queries optimized for pivots across entities & relationships
  • Unique detection and alert prioritization algorithms
  • Visualize patterns in large data sets

Proactive Threat Hunting

Sift Security

Many large enterprises are moving towards automation of repetitive tasks typically associate with alert triage. As a result, more resources will become available to proactively hunt for threats. Threat Hunting is a highly specialized and typically inefficient process, leaving many organizations struggling to find enough talent to perform this task effectively.
Sift Security can help.

  • Take in alerts from 3rd parties, context from your SIEM, O&A or directly from the source
  • Sift Security's graph clustering algorithms identify related threats that may represent complex attacks
  • Sift Security can be used to rapidly explore these potential attacks
  • Graph visualization can be used to visually spot patterns in data, that would otherwise be missed